Professionaly Trained

Among many other things Jimmy Watson is a professional dog trainer and works personally with all the dogs we use in the field.

Our dogs are very well mannered,  friendly and most importantly very Ducky!   Many times the Dogs will sense or see the Ducks before you do and as you are shooting they are marking the ducks as they fall.   We lose very few cripples because of the training and tenaciousness of our Dogs.

Ask Lots of Questions

You will be hunting with some of the best trained hunting dogs in Arkansas.   They didn’t get this way by accident.   Both Jimmy and our Guides have spent countless hours with our Dogs to make sure they preform to the highest of standards.

Many of our clients have as much fun watching the Dogs work as they do shooting Ducks.   Please feel free to ask your Guide as many questions as you want about the particular Dog that is with you or about hunting dogs in general.